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My new motto

I’m trying to be more positive lately since there are only two more months until I graduate from college, so I made a quick poster of my new motto to hang in my room.


New Project

I have been so busy with school that I have been completely ignoring this blog! It is getting SO close to graduation…and I can’t wait!  I have so much more to do and many things in the works.  Here is a quick peek at a project I am finishing up.  I will post the whole thing after my interview at LifeWay next Friday!


Save The Date

I have recently had the privilege of designing Cooper and Carissa’s Save The Date postcards for their September wedding.  This was the first Save The Date card that I have ever designed, and it was really fun to work on!  Carissa was very prepared and sent me images that were examples of things she would like for her cards.  I know that she and Cooper are going to have a beautiful wedding, and I hope that these Save The Dates get their guests excited about the event!


Package Design Project #1

I am taking package design this semester, actually it is my last graphic design course before I graduate!  Our first project was due this morning.

The assignment:  Create a package for a powder or small things using paper.

The catch:  We could not use glue or tape!

Here is my packaging!

I created three free-standing pouches using vellum.  I used embroidery floss to create the packages.  The top/lid is a slip-on cover that also creates the “t” shape.  The holder is made out of mat-board and is held together with embroidery floss as well.  The packages were created to hold smaller crafting supplies.  These have pom-poms, seed beads, and sequins in them.

I will find out what project #2 is on Monday.

This week has been really busy and full of tons of homework, and so will this weekend.

More soon!



Last night I finally got a chance to purcahse not one, but two Elsie originals from Red Velvet Art! Here are they are!



I am so excited and can’t wait until they get here!!!!


I FINALLY got the time to work on a Style School project!!! Since school started back on the 25th, I have had no time for anything crafty. I finally had a break from homework last night and got to make my wreath for Style School!!!

I found the awesome felt rose at Hobby Lobby the other day in the valentine’s section for 30% off!
Hopefully I will have some more time for crafting this weekend. I miss it SO much already!