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Christmas Break!

So I have been home since Friday, but it now officially feels like Christmas break!  I am just waiting for all of my grades to be posted.  We got our Christmas tree up and decorated, I got my shopping finished, and now all that is left is enjoying all of the Christmas festivities!  Well, I am going to enjoy some time with the family!



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Something Crafty

Since finals week is coming, I have been a little stressed.  As usual, I am handling my stress by watching movies, hanging out with my friends, and doing some crafty things.  I have been watching a lot of holiday movies, which make me SUPER happy!  With my crafts I have also been focusing on the holidays, so here is my new ornament.  It is one of the 2008 holiday Coca-Cola bottles, and is painted on the inside with white acrylic paint, and on the outside with acrylic paint an silver paint marker.

Coca-Cola Bottle Ornament

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Love This!!!

I just found this super cute paper doll in Wren & Chickadee’s etsy shop!!!

Paper Doll

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So, I have finished my web site and only have to work on my narrative and I will be finished with my interactive class projects!  The semester is almost finished, and it feels like it just started a couple of weeks ago.  I can’t believe that I have been in college now for almost seven semesters!  After December 12th I will have three semesters left of college…it is coming so fast but not fast enough at the same time!

Thinking of the future is both exciting and stressful.  I like to know what I will have to do, and plan ahead.  But, who knows where I will end up after school.  Just a year ago I was wishing to work for a girls magazine, but now, who knows where life will take me!


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