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Projects #5 and #6

Today I finished projects 5 and 6 for the RVA class!  My doily throw ended up pretty cute.  It is about 3 feet by 4 feet, and is going to go home and lay on my bed in my purple room!


Project #6 is a spring jersey scarf!  I went to Hobby Lobby with my amazing roommate, and we picked out some super cute knit fabric for this scarf!  I love how it turned out!


More later!



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At first it was SUPER hard to find doilies, then I asked my Grandma and she took me to a place that was like doily heaven!

Here are all of my doilies attached. They are sitting on a pink blanket so you can see the doilies, but I am going to mount them on a purple fabric that will follow the outside shapes of the doilies.


I am going to get the purple fabric on Tuesday, so once I get it finished I will post the final product!


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RVA Projects #3 and #4

I already posted one of my teepees, but I have finished the village!

teepee village

And…today’s project was ‘Hide Them Here’ Journal Covers.  Basically I decorated three mini Moleskien jornals.

Heart Journal

Heart Journal Detail

Notes Journal

Button Journal

Button Journal Detail



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New Hairdo!

I got my hair cut this afternoon!  About 5 or 6 inches were cut off!

New Hair Cut


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I worked on project #3 of the RVA class today and finished one teepee!  I am going to keep building my village and will take some pictures of them all together once they are finished!



I am getting a hair cut tomorrow, so I will post some pictures over the weekend!


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I finished the second project in the amazing RVA class about half and hour ago!  It turned out so cute!




More later!


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I have finished the first project in the Red Velvet Art spring class!  It was so much fun!  I can’t wait for the rest of the projects!

color-me-happy-cover1The Cover

color-me-happy-page1Page 1

color-me-happy-page2Page 2

color-me-happy-page3Page 3

color-me-happy-page4Page 4

color-me-happy-50-things-i-love50 Things I Love

color-me-happy-page5Page 5

color-me-happy-page6Page 6

color-me-happy-page7Page 7

color-me-happy-page8Page 8

color-me-happy-page9Page 9

color-me-happy-page10Page 10

This was an awesome project!  I can’t wait to see everyone’s!


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