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Yesterday was pretty eventful.  It started with work training from 8am to 11am.  Then I came back to the dorm and ate lunch and watched tv.  I was waiting for my cousins, aunt, uncle and grandma to come pick me up.  After their two hour drive from Louisville to Bowing Green, they were finally here!  We went to WKU’s bookstore then ate a late lunch at Rafferty’s.

Next, we were off to the mall to find some sunglasses at Forever 21.  It was a pretty successful trip…here are the glasses I got for Florida:

Pink Sunglasses

After Forever 21, we went to Old Navy, then they closed the stores and made us go into the mall tornado shelter because a tornado touched down a couple of counties away from Bowling Green.  We were in the shelter hall for about an hour and a half.  Pretty uneventful since we just stood there and then it was over.  No tornado, just a lot of rain.

While in the mall, we piled into a tiny photo booth to take some fun pictures of the beginning of my cousin’s spring break.  It was really fun, and the pictures are so cute!



Well, that was my eventful Saturday all wrapped up into a couple of paragraphs!

I am working on decorating another tank top so I can wear it in Florida later this week.  I am also starting to pack and making my to do list.


(Before Tuesday Afternoon)

* Creative Copywriting Homework

*Dress and Human Behavior Homework

*Statistics Practice Exam

*Statistics Exam In Class

*Finish and Print GEMS Layout

*Wine Bottle and T-Shirt Sketches

Well, I should probably start checking things off of my list!



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I just realized that is has been over a week since I have posted!  I just made a new blog banner that you can see above.  Here is a quick look at it:

Blog Banner

I have also been working on some projects for the RVA Pretty class!  I am still working on the Felt Family Wall Art, the Hand Carved Stamps, and the I Heart Handmade Mobile.  But, I have gotten three projects finished!

The Vintage Tray Calendar:

Vintage Tray Calendar

The Doily Embellished Tank Top:

Doily Embelished Tank Top

Spring Apron:


I also took some photos around my room the other day.  Here is a quick shot of some of my necklaces:


I bought Twilight this afternoon, and watched it twice!  I just love that movie!  My graphic design CD project is due Monday, so I will be cutting and mounting and finishing things tomorrow.

More soon!


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Got back earlier tonight from Ohio with my Grandma. Here are some of the awesome things that I found!

miniletterpressboxA mini letterpress drawer that I filled with some letterpress tiles.

letterpressdrawerA bigger letterpress drawer that I am going to fix up to hang on my wall and fill with pretty little things!

metaltrayA metal tray that I may use for the next RVA project.

owlpinAn owl pin that I am going to use as a necklace charm!

wwpatchAnd cool patch that reminded me of Wonder Woman!

I had so much fun, and can’t wait to start working on these!


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Quick Update

My needlepoint art project:


And my felt sunglasses case:

case-with-glassesThese were both so much fun to make!

Well, I’m off to the Cincinnati area with my Grandma for some fun!  I will be back tomorrow night with some pictures!


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A lot has been going on lately, so here is a quick update of what I have been working on!

felt family work in progressA sneak peek of my felt family wall art for the RVA class.  The cupcakes represent me and my two sisters.  I am going to do some sprinkles and names soon!

heart toteI made this heart tote bag the other day out of some fabric and felt.  I stitched the hearts onto the bag and added some buttons for more fun!

RVA group projectsHere is a shot of most of the projects that I have done for the RVA class!  They are around the binder I made for the class.  I think that by the end of the class my bed will be full of prettiness!

I am going home for spring break after work tomorrow!  My Grandma and I are going somewhere for a couple of days to spend some time together and go to antique shops and IKEA!  I will have pictures later!


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Project #10

Project #10 for the RVA class is embroidered photo art…and it is SO much fun!!!  I used a photo that I had on hand, but am going to get more printed over spring break next week!  I can’t wait to do more of these!


I can’t believe that this class is 1/3 of the way over!  It is going by TOO fast!


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Project #9

Project #9 in the RVA class is a painted canvas pillow!  It was so fun to do, and I am going to make some more soon!


And, my panda loves her new cupcake friend!


They are looking SUPER cute together on my bed right now!


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