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My New Place


So, I have been in my new apartment for a week now…and it is awesome!  I have three roommates, my own bathroom, a living room with couches and a full kitchen.  It beats living in the dorm anytime!  I am still trying to get everything put away, but I wanted to post some pictures to show off my new space!

The view walking into my room:


My bed and desk space:


My bathroom:


Well, classes start on Monday, and it is my last first fall semester day of school!  I am going to try to keep a journal of my super senior (5th year) year, so I will keep updates coming.  I am going to make a quick run to Wal-Mart and do some crafty things before I have to get in school mode.

More later!



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Moving Time…

I have been packing like crazy for the last couple of weeks to get ready to go back to school.  Tomorrow I am moving into an apartment with some friends and finishing up my last year of college!  I am so excited to get moved in and decorate my new space!

Hopefully once I get settled, I will be able to create some pretty things and take some pictures of my pretty apartment!

And, just wanted to mention Janel’s awesome quilt giveaway!!! She is an awesome quilter, creator and person, and anyone would be lucky to recieve one of her quilts!



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My summer vacation

Since I have been on several trips this summer, I thought the best way to put everything together would be some photo mosaics!

Here are some mosaics from our family vacation to Pittsburgh, PA and Falling Water!

downtown pitts mosaicpa mosaicphipps moasicfalling water mosaic

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

P.S. I signed up for Elsie and Rachel’s autumn online class today, and am so excited!!!  I can’t wait for it to start!  Click on the photo below for more info!



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I know I haven’t posted since the beginning of summer break, but I am trying to get caught up with everything. I have to move back to school next Saturday, so I have been super busy packing and trying to get everything ready.

I was on flickr earlier today and was thinking about some of my favorite things, and cameras came instantly to mind! So, I created a fun mosaic of vintage camera pictures that I found on flickr.

I Love Cameras!, originally uploaded by brennacade.

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